Jefferson County Wildlife Control

Jefferson County Wildlife Control

Are you facing unwelcome visitors in your home or on your property? Look no further than DixieLand Critter Gitter LLC for all your animal control needs in Jefferson County. We are a professional and reliable animal control service dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of both you and the wildlife in our community.

At DixieLand Critter Gitter LLC, we understand that dealing with wildlife can be a challenging and stressful experience. Our team of highly trained experts is here to assist you with any animal-related issues you may encounter. Whether you're dealing with raccoons in your attic, squirrels in your crawl space, or snakes in your yard, we have the knowledge and expertise to effectively handle the situation.

What sets us apart from other animal control services in Jefferson County is our commitment to humane and ethical practices. We believe in the responsible and compassionate treatment of wildlife, which is why we employ safe and effective removal techniques. Our team is well-versed in the behavior and habits of various animal species, allowing us to devise tailored solutions that minimize harm to both animals and humans.

Don't let unwanted critters disrupt your peace of mind or endanger your property. Contact DixieLand Critter Gitter LLC today for expert animal control services in Jefferson County. Our friendly team is ready to assist you and restore harmony between humans and wildlife in our community.

Why Choose DixieLand Critter Gitter?

  • Alabama Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
  • Available After Hours and Emergency Services
  • Customized Solutions for Control or Removal
  • Over 30+ Years of Experience
  • Family Owned and Operated
  • No Long Term Commitment or Contract

See What They Are Saying Our Customers Love Us

  • “DixieLand Critter Glitter is the best” - Sharon B.
  • “Would recommend to anyone with raccoon issues!” - Scott W.
  • “Mr. David and his daughter are very thorough and honest!” - George O.
  • “They were very knowledgeable and helpful in explaining to me how they would get them out and stop them from getting back in.” - Bobbie
  • “I called several companies for quotes and DixieLand was extremely reasonable. They removed a raccoon and it's babies from a wall in a townhouse. All the animals were treated humanely and the babies were given to someone to raise them (who knew?!).” - Leigh P.
  • “I highly recommend David and his staff. We were working on a house that was infested with bats and numerous other companies failed before we got with DixieLand. They were prompt and professional, not to mention the price was very fair.” - Lee W.
  • “Our family used DixieLand for bat trapping and repairs, and the service was fast and very friendly. They arrived on time for appointments and did the job efficiently! Will most definitely use them again if we need any more help later on down the line!!” - Savannah D.
  • “David is very professional and very good at what he does. Punctual and got the job done. Very happy with his work and really enjoyed meeting him!” - Ryan B.